4 channel (interactive) video installation, performance, tool
multiple loops
Alex Foradori, Erik Campanini, Matúš Solčány

Exhibited at:
Exhibited at: Dutch Design Week 2021 (Beursgebouw);
Dutch Design Week 2021 (Embassy of Safety); ‘ITALY: A New Collective landscape’, at Adi Design Museum and Hong Kong Institute 
Featured in:
‘The Autoethnographic Turn in Design’ edited Louise Schouwenberg and Michael Kaethler
Link (online media player):

Metaphors of extraction and mining suggest that personal datasets are material resources and commodities, ready to be processed for profit. However, a person’s data is not a collection of impersonal numbers but a record of sensorial and emotional experiences.

Since data is seemingly pervasive, even if we can’t touch or see it, I give it visual and auditory qualities in a performative video installation. How can our attitude and treatment of data change if it isn't visualised as numbers?

The video is structured as database of short clips, where I perform different data metaphors (as a form of self-commodification), to expose the absurdities of data-driven systems and challenge the misleading metaphors in data discourses. By entering this metaphorical world and observing the contemporary shift in how we generate and disseminate knowledge, this project proposes a modular, deconstructed narrative with multiple paths.

Technical description: The video scenes are processed by a software that determines the final cut, creating different combinations of the same scenes to investigate semi-automated storytelling in relation to data sets. By randomising in real-time the selection and order of the scenes fed to the code, each screening is a uniquely generated clip, mirroring the dynamics of online filter bubbles, highlighting the selective and constraining nature of our online interactions.

︎︎︎ The project has been presented in various venues through different formats: as a 4 channel (interactive) video installation, as a performance, as a full lenght video, and as an online media player.