Video, installation

Alex Foradori, Flora Lechner

Group Exhibition:
Turn Signals—Design is not a Dashboard

Exhibited at:
Dutch Design Week 2022 (Sectie C); Fuori Salone 2023 (Base Milano); Dutch Design Week 2023 (Sectie C – ‘The Body is a Movement’ hosted by Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories)

Well-being, marketing, and corporate culture come together to frame an ideal of the human assigning what constitutes a productive, healthy, and meaningful life, standardising notions of work, health, and well-being. Advertisement campaigns embed these ideals of bodily efficiency and effectively associate consumption of their products with empowerment and emancipation. Self-care practices absorbed by economic and marketing logic further simplify and normalise the notion of health as bodily productivity. Even in the workspace, individuals are not just allowed but encouraged and expected to work on their bodies and self to increase productivity.

‘Drip Drop Work’ is a video that delves into the impact of marketing and corporate culture on our perceptions of productivity, health, and well-being. By introducing three fictional products through absurd performances and replications of self-care practices, the video magnifies the Western obsession with excessive optimisation and perpetual self-improvement. 

The video employs depictions of sweat, the most fundamental of bodily experiences, as both a metaphor and a visual narrative device. This choice addresses the commodification of the body and its functions within the realms of economic activities and marketing strategies.

Ultimately, the video invites viewers to reconsider the ideologies embedded in the everyday products we use, prompting a reflection on how these ideologies shape our understanding of work, health, and well-being.

︎︎︎The video was exhibited as an installation resembling a pop-up drugstore and it was featured in two video screenings curated by Cinema Parentesi.