Photography, Calendar

Alex Foradori, Erik Campanini

Exhibited at:
Gut ++ Studio, Hildegardistraat 31,
Rotterdam NL 

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A 12-month photographic calendar exploring the excess and wastefulness of the christmas festive season through a reversal of roles. Livestock animals, typically the silent, consumed subjects of our festive gluttony - are reimagined as the central figures in each scene.

︎‘Here’s a tale of Christmas, but not like before,
where animals take the stage, and excess is the core.

Not just a feast, but a carousel of excess,
captured in snapshots, that quietly confess.

Pigs and turkeys, not eaten but seen,
in our places, in scenes once been.

Upside down goes the world, a medieval spin,
a pig throwing a party, a turkey in trash,
reminding us of our habits, in a flash.

Alivestock, a story it tells,
about our holiday habits, and the warnings it spells.’ ︎