Alex Foradori, Sofie Topi, Nathaniel Kaar 

Exhibited at:
Malhoun Art Space, Marrakesh MAR

Visual identity for Malhoun Art Space for the exhibiton held during 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, in Marrakesh. This encompassed three distinct posters in various languages, an exhibition leaflet, and space signage.

About Malhoun: 
Malhoun is a pluridisciplinary experimental venue combining a gallery space, an international residency program and studios for young Moroccan artists. Founded in 2020 following an exhibition produced by and emerging from Fenduq, Malhoun wishes to ponder the chasms and rifts found between creative fields today, from craftsmanship to art, architecture, or design. Overall, as a platform centered on knowledge and know-how exchange, following the rhizomatic structure of collective memory and intelligence, Malhoun aims to serve as a catalyst for the meaningful growth of local cultural ecosystems.

About the exhibition:
H’dith o Mghezel (حديث أو مغزل) describes a traditional practice of communal repetition and construction paired with discourse. In the aftermath of the earthquakes that devastated communities across Morocco in 2023, the collective exhibition at Malhoun, initiated at 1-54 welcomes artisans, artists, architects and designers to reflect upon the act of communal reconstruction as the first stage of a year-long exhibition format where members and guests showcase their productions and thoughts by way of a continuum. Overlapping organically, artworks and propositions will come and go following the conversations, intuitions and practical needs of participants.

The restoration works of the Malhoun building in Gueliz is ongoing throughout the year, making visible to audiences the collective memory accumulated over the years and the various scars of its occupation, and we see the ongoing reconstruction of that architectonics as part of the exhibition.