An investigation in click acts


︎The research reflects upon the increasing reliance on data in Western culture and the control effects of the interfaces we quotidianly adopt. (Click). Media and platforms structure our online interactions. Our digital experiences appear as personalized and frictionless–designed by the data we willingly and unwillingly produce. (Sweat). As such, they affect our performative behaviors, our understanding of ourselves, and ultimately they frame our emotional responses and leave an impact on our bodies. (Stickiness)

︎Within my exploration, I research from the level of my datafied self, which is the sum and ‘invisible’ trail of my daily interactions with digital devices. In particular, I am questioning how much my datafied self is attached to my individuality and how my individuality can actively be projected by my datafied self. (Feedback loop). The research operates at a small scale: the aim is to connect a broad political agenda to the intimate and mundane interactions I make with myself in the digital realm by producing data of and for myself. In turn, through these data, I experience looping processes of transformation, modulation, and re-arrangement. (Friction). How can I maintain my criticality while performing my digital interactions? Eventually, I approach this question with a story of exchange that expresses my internal monologue and the general contradictions I experience daily. (Click).