#A whimsical tour into the frantic actions of Big Data, captured in videos and performances stuck in a loop.

︎︎︎ from fingers to bits
    ︎︎︎ from bits to words
        ︎︎︎ from words to acts
            ︎︎︎ from acts to film
       ︎︎︎ from film to performance
    ︎︎︎ from performance to spectacle
repeat ︎︎︎

*in collaboration with:
Alex Foradori (Video and Animation), Erik Campanini (Sound design), Matúš Solčány (Coding).

Metaphors of extraction and mining suggest that personal datasets are material resources and commodities, ready to be processed for profit. However, a person’s data is not a collection of impersonal numbers but a record of sensorial and emotional experiences. Since data is seemingly pervasive, even if we can’t touch or see it, I give it visual and auditory qualities in a performative video installation. How can our attitude and treatment of data change if it in’t visualised as numbers?

The viewer encounters a database of videos that delineate shapes around data, closer to the body, beyond the numbers and graphs that feed only the digital system. The actions performed in the videos visualise data metaphors and expose the absurdities of data-driven strategies in constant rearrangements.

Technical description: The video scenes are processed by a software that determines the final cut, creating different combinations of the same scenes to investigate semi-automated storytelling in relation to data sets. By randomizing in real-time the selection and order of the scenes fed to the code, each screening is a uniquely generated clip that functions as a window: No fixed narrative—but a catalog of shifting impressions and evocations—configurations of video fragments arising and repeating.

Personalised costumes for each performer (working suits for data
bodies). Each costume incorporates personal items of the performer.